MICHAEL VOSS Paintings/Interview

Michael Voss, Fenelus, 2010, oil on linen

There is an excellent interview with Brooklyn painter Michael Voss featured on the BRIC Contemporary Art website, in which Voss talks about making his deceptively simple small-scale abstract paintings. On the subject of simplicity, he says:

"It’s not something you solve once and then you have it. Simplicity is something that you approach, that’s fleeting, that moves. I’m very drawn to the moment when actually something simple starts to become complicated."

Indeed Voss is making paintings that are driven by an intuitive sense of that most delicate balance, a search for that point in the process where what was nothing suddenly, magically, takes on some essential resonance. His ability to stop at that moment is one of the most striking characteristics of his work. I have not been familiar with Voss' work until now, and look forward to seeing more.

Michael Voss, 2009, 16 x 14 inches, oil on linen

Michael Voss, Fuentes, 2009, oil on canvas

Michael Voss, Kleber Salas, 2009, oil on linen

Michael Voss, studio view, Brooklyn

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