JOAN WALTEMATH at Anita Rogers

Joan Waltemath, what happens (West 1  1,2,3,5,8...). Oil, graphite, bronze, lead, phosphorescent and florescent pigment on honeycomb aluminum panel. 37 ” x 15 9/16” 

Joan Waltemath, what happens (West 1  1,2,3,5,8...), detail 

Joan Waltemath is presenting an exhibition of new works, titled Fecund Algorithms, at Anita Rogers Gallery in Soho, through June 1, 2017. The show is comprised of a group of complex mixed media works on aluminum panels, as well as a selection of small simple canvas and fabric constructions. The panel paintings, a continuation of Waltemath's Torso/Roots series, begin with the grid and compositional proportions based on mathematical formulas. But these calculations are ultimately transformed through intuitive shaping, layering, scraping and reconfiguring to arrive at points of humming equilibrium. Waltemath's rich surfaces are built with a dizzying variety of materials, and her process occupies an uncanny zone between precision and spontaneity, with the physicality of the material being always present. Like visualized choreographies, these works evolve through time, from the conceptual to the sensual, embodying the dynamism of human sensibility.

Joan Waltemath, interwoven (East 2   1,2,3,5,8…). 2013-16. Oil, zinc, bronze, stainless steel, phosphorescent and interference pigment on honeycomb aluminum panel. 39 ¼” x 18 ⅝” 

Joan Waltemath,  interwoven (East 2   1,2,3,5,8…), detail 

Joan Waltemath, men/many (East 2 1,2,3,5,8…). 2014-16. Oil, aluminum, bronze, interference, glimmer, phosphorescent and florescent pigment on honeycomb aluminum panel. 39 1/4" x 18 5/8" 

Joan Waltemath, canvas, fabric, thread 

Joan Waltemath, canvas, graphite, thread