TAL R at Cheim and Read

TAL R, Cabaret Closed, 2016, pigment & rabbit skin glue on canvas, 78 x 98 inches

Copenhagen based painter TAL R is presenting a group of new works at Cheim and Read, through February 11, 2017. The new work, large scale paintings and small crayon drawings, begin with photographs of facades of random sex shops around the world - some taken by the artist, some sent to him by friends. The paintings are made with raw pigment and rabbit skin glue on rough linen, which creates a unique scumbled surface and sensual vibrant color. These are breathtakingly beautiful pieces that operate as brilliant metaphors for painting -- the frontality of the plane that both seduces with its material beauty and conceals the messy business that goes on "in the back room".

 TAL R, Red Roof, 2016, pigment & rabbit skin glue on canvas

 TAL R, House Tiffany, 2015, pigment & rabbit skin glue on canvas, 98 x 78 inches

 TAL R, Cabaret, 2016, pigment & rabbit skin glue on canvas, 67 x 97 inches

 TAL R, Snow, 2016, pigment & rabbit skin glue on canvas, 67 x 78 inches

TAL R, Keyhole, 2016, pigment & rabbit skin glue on canvas, 94 x 74 inches