SUZANNE CAPORAEL at Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe

 Suzanne Caporael, 688 (Proximate cause), 2014, 54 x 72 inches, oil on linen

The Landscape is the title of an exhibition of new paintings by Suzanne Caporael at Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe through May 23, 2015. It is a theme that Caporael has employed for a long time, but perhaps never before so overtly as to make it the title of her show. Unlike the majority of her paintings in recent years, the new works "read" immediately as landscapes, rather than as abstract paintings distilled from fleeting observations. That is not to imply that they have lost any of their poetic potency. The artist's focus is exquisite, her images reduced to the simplicity of a diagram, or to quietly receding color fragments on the plane. Her surfaces, as always, have the smoothness of flesh with edges at once soft and true. Her color, cool, hazy and dreamlike, somehow evokes late Alain Resnais. These works transcend their vernacular theme, transforming their modest subjects into visual investigations of memory, sensation, and the vistas of imagination.  

 Suzanne Caporael, 689 (Coharie sow farm, N.C.), 2014, 48 x 66 inches, oil on linen

 Suzanne Caporael, 689 (Coharie sow farm, N.C.), detail

 Suzanne Caporael, 700 (The pastoral exultation of Richard Prince), 2014, 48 x 66 inches, oil on linen

 Suzanne Caporael, 691 (Study for a de-populated Darger), 2014, 30 x 20 inches, oil on linen

 Suzanne Caporael, 696 (Glimpse, Valley Farm Rd.), 2014, 36 x 48 inches, oil on linen

 Suzanne Caporael, 696 (Glimpse, Valley Farm Rd.), detail

Suzanne Caporael, 702 (Ride along; Wing Rd.), 2014, 60 x 90 inches, oil on linen