KELTIE FERRIS at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Keltie Ferris, Turn Turn Step Step, 2012, 90 x 80 inches, oil & acrylic on canvas

Keltie Ferris makes the big move to a huge space and blue chip gallery in her new exhibition at Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Chelsea (through January 12, 2013). Her work has been seen in small doses in various venues for several years, and it is a real pleasure to get the full effect, with the scale of the gallery space accommodating the expansiveness of the paintings. Keltie's paintings are built with many layers of intersecting translucent and opaque matrixes in various media, including spray (oil) paint, acrylic and oil pastel, forming fabulous amalgams of color, shape and dynamism. Her process is bold improvisational shape-making, a sort of high pitched cataloguing of impulses, resulting in what amounts to ecstatic bursts of complex consciousness.

 Keltie Ferris, Siasec Yem, 2012, 90 x 90 inches, oil & acrylic on canvas

Keltie Ferris,  You + Me = Me + You, 2012, 80 x 60 inches, oil & acrylic on canvas

Images from the gallery website. The opening was much too crowded to get good photographs.