at the Icebox, Crane Arts Center, Philadelphia

Katinka Mann, Steven Alexander, Joan Webster Price, Vito Giacalone, Gail Gregg, Stephen Westfall, Don Voisine, Jane Logemann and Thornton Willis

I am thrilled and honored to be participating in this fantastic exhibition at the Icebox, at Crane Arts Center in Philly. Beautifully curated by Janet Kurnatowski, the show features 77 members of the venerable American Abstract Artists, plus four invited guests (of which I am one), and runs through November 27, 2011. It is a rich collection of diverse objects which transforms the huge space into a feast for the eyes. Dedicated to the vitality and perpetuation of the language of abstraction, and organized in groups of works that engage each other in various and delightful conversations, the exhibition features top notch work by many well known artists, and achieves a depth that rewards extended viewing. Here is just a small sample.

Katinka Mann, Steven Alexander, Vito Giacalone

Steven Alexander, Vito Giacalone, Gail Gregg. Stephen Westfall, Don Voisine
Thornton Willis, Matthew Deleget

Stephen Westfall, Don Voisine

Julian Jackson, Stephen Maine

Merrill Wagner, Richard Anuszkiewicz, James Jusszcyk, Mark Williams

Roger Jorgensen, Ken Bushnell, Mark Dagley, Vincent Longo

Will Barnet

Mark Williams

Mara Held

Merrill Wagner

Joan Waltemath

Mark Dagley

Power Boothe

James Little