BRAZIL - Part 1

In July, I will be spending three weeks in Brazil (much more on that to come) -- and in preparation, I've been looking at a lot of Brazilian painting. Geometric abstract painting has been deeply embraced in Brazil, and still is -- creating a sustained legacy of rich and varied work. I am just beginning to scratch the surface of this parallel universe of rigorous and beautiful painting by artists who are virtually unknown to the NY art world. Here is just a small sampling to begin -- with more to come. Images from the internet.

Milton Dacosta

Jose Carlos Cesar Ferreira

...And last but not least -- some new work by Gonçalo Ivo, who has a show opening July 14 at Galeria Anita Schwartz in Rio de Janeiro (more on that too).

Gonçalo Ivo, 2010, 200 x 400 cm, oil & tempera on canvas

Gonçalo Ivo, 2010, 260 x 660 cm, oil & tempera on canvas

Gonçalo Ivo, studio view 2010 (photos by Gonçalo)