YVES KLEIN in "Soto Voce" at Yvon Lambert

Yves Klein, IKB#171, 1960

Since color is the subject of the moment, I‘ll mention an exhibition of mostly monochrome paintings at Yvon Lambert called “Soto Voce”. It is an uneven but elegant show with works by Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana, Christopher Wool, and a very powerful black Pierre Soulages. Also in the show are two small early Brice Marden paintings from 1970-71, one greenish and one sort of purplish gray, sadly under glass, but exquisite nonetheless. But most striking and surprising is the showstopper – a very small Yves Klein hung alone on a large wall (again unfortunately under glass), that hums and glows with a magical presence. The natural light in the gallery seems to activate the blue of the painting creating an inescapable emanation. On close inspection, the painting which is maybe 22” x 18” with rounded corners, is a seamless velvety object. The surface, which must be made with dry pigment, is absolutely even and matte and inseparable from its intense blueness.