BRAZIL - Part 6
In the Studio at Teresopolis

View from the studio, Teresopolis

Up in the mountains, about 85 km north of Rio, are the secluded farm, home and studios of Gonçalo Ivo -- where I was most privileged to live and work for 3 amazing weeks. It is a lush and magical environment that has been shaped over the years into a utopian engine for optimum creative production. Here are a few images:

Gonçalo (right) and his long-time assistant Jose at work in Studio #1

Gonçalo & assistants wrapping paintings for his exhibition at Galeria Anita Schwartz

Moving them out - it takes a team

My new paintings (above & below) -- drying

Finished work ready to be delivered to Galeria Murilo Castro

A few small gifts for my most gracious hosts

Gonçalo (left) works on new watercolors in Studio #2, while his father, renowned poet Ledo Ivo (right) reads some Shakespeare

Ledo, Leonardo, Antonia and Denise Ivo -- relaxing in Studio #2