SCOTT RICHTER at Elizabeth Harris

Scott Richter, Blackboat (for Fouquet), 2003, 12 x 11 inches, oil paint & medium on carpet

This is the last day to see Scott Richter's new show at Elizabeth Harris. For anyone who loves paint, and the process of painting, this show is a delight. The pieces are built out of layer after layer of thick juicy oil paint that is mixed with Scott's special medium (I think it's silicone based) to achieve a rich physicality and a surface that looks like it's still wet. Though very small in scale, the paintings are very thick, the paint surface sometimes extending several inches into the room, with all the layers visible and oozing around the edges. These are wry, joyous and playful objects that revel in the language and substance of painting.

Scott Richter, Untitled (for Max), 2009, 24 x 20 1/2 inches, oil paint & medium on plywood