MAYA LIN at PaceWildenstein

Maya Lin, 2x4 Landscape, 2006, 10' x 53'4" x 35', wood

In her first exhibition at PaceWildenstein in their 22nd Street space (through October 24), Maya Lin continues to give us expansive works of elegance and eloquence. The show consists of three pieces, each made of one material -- aluminum wire, plywood, 2x4s -- and constructed with disarming directness. All three works are manifestations of Lin's experience of landscape, both analytical and intuitive. By far the most impressive piece is "2x4 Landscape", in which she has placed more than 50,000 2x4s of varying lengths on end to form an undulating indoor landscape that rises to a 10' high hill. The piece is perfectly situated in the space with a pathway around the perimeter, and has a physical presence that is both astounding and delightful. This is pure sculpture -- the artist engaged in a deep dialogue with the physical world, enlarging and elaborating her experience with visual poetry of the highest refinement.