GEOMETRICS II at Gallery OneTwentyEight

Last night we had a very nice opening reception for the GeoMetrics II exhibition at Gallery OneTwentyEight on Rivington Street. Kudos to curator Gloria Klein for putting together a beautiful selection of power-packed small works, all utilizing or exploring geometric configurations in various ways. The intimate gallery space is energized with rich color, surface and pictorial tensions. Here are a few images from the show, although I wasn't able to get shots of everything (bad blogger). More images are at the gallery website. The show runs through April 18.

Two encaustic pieces by Lynda Ray and my own acrylic on linen

Michael Knutson's exquisite oil on canvas -- no tape, all freehand painting

An unusually dark oil on canvas by Mark Dagley

Julie Karabenick's acrylic on canvas, and Julie Gross's oil on linen

Encaustic on panel by Joanne Mattera

A detail of one of Joanne's surfaces