ELA ORLEANS: Lovely Music

Ela Orleans

In her press release, the music of Ela Orleans is perfectly described as "like the first kiss from a new lover at a rain soaked funeral". The Polish artist, now living in Brooklyn, makes lilting melancholy electronic constructions using tape loops and found snippets, slide quitar, keyboards and other instruments. She sings in a voice that is both vulnerable and resolute, with a slight East European accent that is a bit like a more melodic, much less ponderous Nico. Her lyrics are often laced with subtle humor and are always surprising in their candor and phrasing. Coming from a Cagean spirit of experimentation, Ela has developed an utterly personal style of melodic sound collage and songmaking that is capable of conveying a deep sense of aliveness -- taking in information from the world and transforming it through sound into pure feeling. The songs are constructed loosely with imperfections showing, which makes the integrity of their construction part of their content -- their truth. Ela has just released her first solo record called "High Moon Low Sun" on the Italian Setola di Maiale label. This is by no means your typical art music, not rock n roll, not exactly pop -- it is an absolutely original hybrid -- what Ela modestly calls "movies for ears".